Welcome to CrossFit Katy, Katy’s original CrossFit affiliate serving the community since 2008 and home to the South Central Region’s(Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi) # 2 ranked affiliate and CrossFit Games qualified team for 2014!

CrossFit Katy is a 7000 Sq ft Air conditioned high intensity fitness facility located in Cinco Ranch serving Katy, TX.  Founded in June of 2008 as the first CrossFit affiliate on the west side of Houston we are strong in our beliefs that a solid program of fundamental but very challenging workouts with solid coaching is the key to overall fitness.  Hard work works!

At CrossFit Katy we offer several different options for your fitness regimen which are scalable to your fitness level!

CrossFit Strength + Conditioning – This is CrossFit! Constantly varied mix of movements from power lifting, Olympic weightlifting, plyometrics, interval running and rowing, gymnastics, kettlebell and dumbbell work, and so much more! The workouts strike a balance between maximal strength and high power output metabolic conditioning workouts and longer time domain, higher rep cardiovascular muscular endurance conditioning workouts. Workouts are generally done with a goal in mind of completing the work as fast as possible or getting the most work done in a set amount of time (while holding proper form of course!).

Burn at CrossFit Katy – Our Burn program takes the best parts of CrossFit and applies them to indoor bootcamp style workouts.  There is no maximal strength work or barbell movements in these classes as they focus more on cardiovascular conditioning and building muscular endurance.

Yoga at CrossFit Katy – We currently offer Yoga to members with our unlimited membership. We have Yoga on Tuesdays at 10:30 AM and Thursdays at 6:30 PM!

CrossFit Endurance – Our Endurance classes are based on the CrossFit Endurance training methodology and focus on improving performance, fitness and endurance sports potential.  These classes typically involve running intervals and during the summer will work in swimming workouts.  These classes will work on form and mechanics to help you reach your endurance training goals.  This class is offered once a week on Sunday afternoons and is open to all members as well as their family and friends.

You get all this plus more including nutrition seminars, social events, fun in house competitions and more at CrossFit Katy so inquire today and get set up for a free trial class!