Introduction to CrossFit

Introduction to CrossFit

Interested in trying CrossFit but you are worried that you won’t know how to do all the movements correctly and safely?  Or are you just looking for a little one-on-one attention to help get you started as you begin your CrossFit journey?

CrossFit Katy is proud to offer all new members optional private intro sessions specifically designed to help alleviate these concerns. These sessions will provide one-on-one training to the new member to teach the methodology and technique behind CrossFit and its movements so you feel comfortable as you begin working into the group classes.

We offer two different packages based on the desires of the client.  Email us today at to get signed up for your free trial class and to find out more about our Introduction to CrossFit programs.

Our Introduction to CrossFit sessions are available as a service once you have signed up for a monthly membership.



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