CrossFit Strength + Conditioning

CrossFit Strength + Conditioning – This is CrossFit! Constantly varied mix of movements from power lifting, Olympic weightlifting, plyometrics, interval running and rowing, gymnastics, kettlebell and dumbbell work, and so much more! The workouts strike a balance between maximal strength and high power output metabolic conditioning workouts and longer time domain, higher rep cardiovascular muscular endurance conditioning workouts. Workouts are generally done with a goal in mind of completing the work as fast as possible or getting the most work done in a set amount of time (while holding proper form of course!).

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CrossFit Katy Barbell Club

Weightlifting  Crossfit Katy Weightlifting is a program focused on developing proficiency and efficiency in the snatch and clean and jerk.  The weightlifting program and the Katy Barbell Club is an opportunity for athletes of all levels of experience to learn and grow in the sport of weightlifting.  Each workout is part of a cycle with specific goals to improve various areas of the snatch and clean and jerk in order to improve performance in each lift.  Beginning athletes will be instructed and guided through the fundamentals of the lifts.  Advanced athletes will be given guidance and fine tuning on their movements to help them reach their full potential.

Strength, speed and safety are the tenants of our program as we all get stronger together everyday!

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Burn at CrossFit Katy

Burn at CrossFit Katy – Our Burn program takes the best parts of CrossFit and applies them to indoor bootcamp style workouts. There is no maximal strength work or barbell movements in these classes as they focus more on cardiovascular conditioning and building muscular endurance.

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Personal Programming

Personal Programming – CrossFit Katy is excited to offer our members individualized programming.  This programming can be for the beginner, intermediate or advanced client looking to improve in any area of their training.  Our trainer will work with you to tailor the individualized programming for your needs and goals for those that want additional work outside of regular classes. We highly recommend that you set up a personal training session with the trainer, even if for just a half hour, so that they can assess your skill level and tailor the programming to your needs.

If you are interest please email us at to get started today!

Personal Training

Personal Training – CrossFit Katy is excited to offer private one-on-one sessions to our members for half hour or one hour sessions with a CrossFit certified trainer. These sessions can be for the beginner, intermediate or advanced client. If you are new to Crossfit and some movements are taking a little longer to learn these sessions can help focus on your technique.  If you are more advanced but there is one skill movement or Olympic lift that is still giving you trouble these sessions can be used to help focus on those areas. These can also be sessions for those that simply may want private one-on-one general physical fitness training outside of the group atmosphere. The trainer will be there for you watching and motivating you for the entire session. What you want out of the session is up to you and your trainer will tailor the session to your needs.

If you are interested please email us at to get started today!

Nutrition Consulting

Nutrition Consulting

CrossFit Katy is excited to have our Nutrition Consultant Sheila Vuckovic offer multiple Nutrition Programs for our members interested in taking their health to the next level with advanced nutritional planning. We have multiple plans with varying consultation periods geared to those just starting their nutrition journey or for those who just need a kick start to get back on track. The plans are:

  • One Time Macronutrient Calculation;
  • Grocery Store Tour;
  • Introduction to Nutrition and Macronutrient Tracking, 4 week plan;
  • Introduction to Nutrition and Macronutrient Tracking, 8 week plan;
  • Introduction to Nutrition and Macronutrient Tracking, 12 week plan;

Contact us to get additional details and pricing on these plans and to get your consultation started today at

Introduction to CrossFit

Introduction to CrossFit

Interested in trying CrossFit but you are worried that you won’t know how to do all the movements correctly and safely? Or are you just looking for a little more attention to help get you started as you begin your CrossFit journey?

CrossFit Katy is proud to offer all new members an option four-week intro program specifically designed to help those new to CrossFit. These sessions will provide individual or small group training to the new member to teach the methodology and technique behind CrossFit and its movements so you feel comfortable as you begin working into the larger group classes.

We offer four sessions for $100 for new members within their first month of registration. Email us today at to get signed up for your free trial class and to find out more about our Introduction to CrossFit program.

Our Introduction to CrossFit sessions are available as a service once you have signed up for a monthly membership.



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