CrossFit Katy Bootcamp

CrossFit Katy Bootcamp


Bootcamp at CrossFit Katy is a group class that takes the best parts of CrossFit and the concepts of a bootcamp class and applies them to our Bootcamp at CrossFit Katy.

Our goal in Bootcamp is to get you moving, raise your heartrate and keep you moving to the best of your ability throughout the time you are in class. We believe these classes are great for all skill levels and especially those looking to get the amazing benefits of functional fitness group exercise in a supportive environment without barbells or the pressure that sometimes can come with the task oriented CrossFit style workouts.

Everyone will start and finish at the same time and everyone will get a great workout based on their needs and abilities on that day. If you have experience with high intensity workouts or CrossFit then you will still get an awesome workout in this class. If you are newer, then this class is great for you to learn. Here you can develop your familiarity with the movements and how your body handles them in a timed setting. As you get comfortable and through focused coaching you will become consistent with them while you increase your body’s ability to handle intensity.

All classes are one hour classes led by a coach who is there to lead you through a warm-up, explain the workout and show you proper technique, then motivate and encourage you throughout workout. The coaches will work with you to be sure you are doing the proper movement and weights. Each and every movement can be scaled up or down based on each individuals ability. The workouts will all be time based with no minimum work requirement and you will not see any barbells in this class. You will keep a score to help you see how you improve over time as well as to help motivate you as you workout.

Every class will have a general timeline that contains 10 to 15 minutes of coach led warm up followed by 5 to 10 minutes of coach led instruction on the workout and each movement. The workouts will typically run between 15-35 minutes with a period of cooldown after you are finished to help with mobility and recovery.


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