Personal Training

Personal Training


Personal Training – CrossFit Katy is excited to offer private one-on-one sessions to our members for half hour or one hour sessions with a CrossFit certified trainer. These sessions can be for the beginner, intermediate or advanced client. If you are new to Crossfit and some movements are taking a little longer to learn these sessions can help focus on your technique.  If you are more advanced but there is one skill movement or Olympic lift that is still giving you trouble these sessions can be used to help focus on those areas. These can also be sessions for those that simply may want private one-on-one general physical fitness training outside of the group atmosphere. The trainer will be there for you watching and motivating you for the entire session. What you want out of the session is up to you and your trainer will tailor the session to your needs.

If you are interested please email us at to get started today!


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