Wednesday, April 29th, 2020

Wednesday, April 29th, 2020

 CLASSES via Zoom


-800 m Run-

5 Rounds

5 DB Shoulder to Overhead (each arm)

10 Sit Ups

-800 m Run-

5 Rounds

5 Shoulder to Overhead Each

10 Sit Ups

-800 m Run-


10 Barbell Push Press 115/80

10 TTB



2 Rounds Tabata: 40 seconds of work; 20 seconds of rest (9 minutes/round)

Low Squat hold to reverse lunge

DB Lateral Raise (20 seconds each arm or both arms for 40 seconds)

Glute Kickbacks Right*

Glute Kickbacks Left*

Squat Lunge Kick

DB Frontal Raise

Fire Hydrants Right

Fire Hydrants Left

Lateral Step Squat Jump

*You must maintain neutral hip, spine, and pelvis! You can rest a dumbbell behind your knee for added resistance.


Rest 2 minutes and then do workout:



DB/KB/BB Deadlift

Box Jump

Push Ups

V-ups (Sub: Full Body Crunch)

Jessie Strange

Jessie Strange


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